Five Quid a Can

Katie Wolstencroft One hand reached for the light switch to his left, while the other covered his mouth, mid-yawn. The last of the five remaining light bulbs flickered into life above his head, casting a sickly yellow hue over the bean-stained hob. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands and waited for […]

Unable to Walk

Olivia Turner And so, I am left unable to walk. Miserable and panting on a parkside bench. To my distaste, I’ll hear you laugh in the distance at a passing joke from a passing person. A she, a her, a darling, a love. I, on the other hand shall just sit quiet, my hands furled […]

The Impossible Promise

Emma Booth Two years of marriage, these are my memories. I remember that we moved in in the winter, it was a cold winter, I could smell the promise of snow although none came that year. Newly pregnant, I suppose I should have welcomed a snowless winter, but I mourned the loss of it, I […]

Cold Water

Christopher Westlake As the boat slowly moved further in to the icy depths of the lake, breath condensing in the glacial wind, she took a moment to inspect her cargo. Having ensured it was secure she continued on, the only sound the gentle lapping of the dark water around the oars. It was perfect she […]

Daisy Chain

Rowen Walker I am singing to Rose, as she lies looking up at me from her cot with her big blue eyes. Sam’s eyes. “Look at her, Daisy. I still can’t believe it, we are someone’s mum and dad.” “Let’s count her tiny fingers and toes again.” Later, I’m getting into bed next to Sam’s […]


Michelle Hughes INT. MEDIA CITY. HIGH CLASS RESTAURANT/DINER. DAY. STACEY sits at a small table next to a window overlooking an empty carpark. She catches a glimpse of her reflection in the glass pane and messes with her hair. A WAITRESS approaches the table expectantly. STACEY Erm… just a coffee. Please. WAITRESS Of course madam, […]

Opposites Attract

Clare McGrath SCENE 3- EXT. SHEA’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Shea is dancing around her bedroom topless. Shea stops in front of her small mirror and holds two shirts, trying to decide which one to wear, stuck between the green checked and the red checked one. A guitar solo begins, and Shea drops the shirts, grabs […]