18:36 on Platform 2

Megan Shepard I dreamt last night that this train was like a moth, trailing its paper thin wings through dust-clad seats and nestling between the cracks amongst small change and fag butts. You were there, watching your breath bleach the windows and counting how long it took before you could see the horizon again. The […]

Sitting on the Sea Wall

Eileen Earnshaw Rosa loved the new sea wall. She loved the way it curved round the bay, a gentle shape, much the same as the outline of her breast. She loved the way it gradually nuzzled into itself giving way to the harsh columns that supported the fish dock. Since they had opened the restaurant, […]


Holly Gray She delicately tied the yellow ribbon around the girl’s cascading locks, taking extra care not to hurt her. Her slender fingers made a loose bow around the pony tail and let it fall in with the girl’s blonde curls. She remembered a time when that same ribbon would be meticulously placed on her […]

Imagine something brilliant

John Wineyard The Plastic Arts, imagine Something plastic, and arty, How hard can that be? Turns out it is. Turns out novelty is not originality. Opinion is not truth. Beauty is not definable. However hard you grip a bar of wet soap, It won’t stay gripped. And when you catch it, hold it gently in […]

Human Graffiti

Steven White Subway cracks and things under the sky. Human graffiti clasp their hands together in unison as people walk on by. The light dimming behind their eyes. Human graffiti clap their hands together. Their language filthy and rank. Their mouths utter and cry “Look at me you little fucker.” Human graffiti their hands tied […]