Issue 1: Whiskey and Donuts (May 2014)

The first issue of the Bolton Review was published online only in May 2014 by editors and creative writing students Bryony Harwood, Fozia Parveen and Rachel Bresnahan and executive editor and lecturer Dr Simon Holloway. The issue comprised poetry, fiction and a play, which you can read below.




About the editors:

Bryony Harwood, Poetry Editor

Bryony is in her third year studying Photography and Creative Writing with her chosen writing discipline being poetry. After graduation she will be working as a freelance photographer and editor of her business’s in-house magazine. Bryony has been writing since she was 8 and would one day like to get one of her novels published, along with a collection of poetry works. Her favourite author is J.R.R. Tolkien and her favourite genre is fantasy.

Fozia Parveen, Drama Editor

Fozia is in her third year studying Creative Writing and English with a focus on drama in her Creative Writing studies. She aspires to work in the publishing industry after graduation. Her favourite play is Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Brecht however in modern fiction her favourite genre is fantasy with dystopian themes but loves reading and wnjoys anything that will get her hooked from the start.

Rachel Bresnahan, Fiction Editor

Rachel is in her third year studying English and Creative Writing. Her focus in her creative writing studies is fiction. Some day she hopes to be published. Her favourite genre of fiction is science fiction with one of her favourite authors being Amanda Bridgeman, an Australian author with a new series on the rise. Dystopian work can capture her attention and so can a good thriller or a John Green book.


Editors’ Note

Welcome to the first edition of The Bolton Review: Whiskey and Donuts. We are founded at the University of Bolton and are a Creative Writing magazine for the students created by the students. We compiled this magazine as part of the Creative Writing Writers at work module to give us an insight into how we can use our degrees in the real world.
You must be wondering why we named the issue Whiskey and Donuts when it has very little to do with writing. It seems like a random choice and out of place in this context but it’s actually an inside joke on the editorial team. On our very first meeting we were being pressured into thinking of an issue name and couldn’t come up with one, so our Executive Editor Simon Holloway offered: ‘Call it Whiskey and Donuts for all I care, it’s your magazine’. It stuck and is something we’ve laughed at many times since.
When we created this magazine our main aim was to get people who don’t study English or Creative Writing to start writing creatively. After all the amazing submissions we have received from a variety of people we can say this is an aim we managed to achieve.
Well done to everyone who got published with us this year. If you weren’t accepted this time round submit again to us for next year’s edition. We look forward to reading all your work.
– The Bolton Review Editorial Team

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