Issue 3: ABCs and Coffee Beans (May 2015)

Issue 3, ABCs and Coffee Beans, was printed and released for sale at the University on the 13th May, 2015. To order a physical copy for £3, contact Simon Holloway at the University of Bolton by email —

Garry Coulthard: The Ramblings of a Child with no Parental Supervision
Helen Naylor: Unbroken
Sandra Barlow: A’s, B’s and C’s
Rebecca Shivji: Solar Passing
Adam Foley: Hotel and Social Networking

Jodie Richardson: Eagle When She Flies
Fiona Hodgkinson: Join Up
Kada Lawrence Ngbale: Swept Away

Emmylou Kelly: West and Morning Dew
Diane Emmason: Dolphin

Tiana B: Dancing in the Rain

Luke Delaney: Bean and Gone

Short Stories
Anthony Johnson: Trail of Blood: A Henry Game Fable
Laura Reynolds: Painting by Numbers
Krysta Waddington: Seat 22A
Jeni Mills: Waiting
Craig Snelgrove: The Fallen
Matthew Leagas: The Preposterous Candy-Cane House
Alexander Walker: Kettle

Editor – Joshua Lloyd

Editor – Francesca Kerfoot

Editor – Emily Olive

Joshua, Francesca and Emily graduated from the Creative Writing
department of the University of Bolton in 2015. Their edition of
the Bolton Review was one of their final pieces of work for their degrees.

Cover Design – Candy Sinclair-Ford
Candy designed the cover during her second year studying Graphic Design
and also works as a graphic designer part-time for several companies in the Bolton area

Senior Editor – Chris Buchanan
Executive Editor – Simon Holloway

Editors’ note

As creative writers ourselves, we as an editorial team have relished the chance to invite and review an array of creativity during the campaign for issue three. As we are all in our dissertation year, it has ben a test to reach the stage of publication. However the reward is now here for all to read.

We all have our personal strengths, each of us has been able to focus on certain genres when reviewing submissions, overall it has been a challenging process which has paid off significantly.

Being the latest instalment to The Bolton Review series, issue three has seen a wider range of talent. This time around we have again been fortunate enough to receive submissions from not only English and Creative Writing students but also many other departments throughout the university. As well as this we have received a number of submissions from Bolton College and Bolton Sixth Form College. Unlike previous issues, ABC’s and Coffee Beans features images and music. The editorial team strongly believe that this is a sample of things to come in future issues.

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign, as well as all of you who submitted your work. Bolton has a superb amount of creative talent and deserves a chance to shine.


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