The Bolton Review is a student-led creative magazine from the University of Bolton. It showcases some of the best work from Bolton’s up-and-coming: students and staff from all areas and all levels of the University buildings and other schools in the area.

Each semester a team of students take control under the watchful eye of executive editor Simon Holloway, to create a magazine of diverse submissions and talent.

With each passing issue The Bolton Review opens to wider audiences. It becomes more complex and ever changing under the different editorial teams. This is something we celebrate. Each issue is different from the one previous or the one to follow.

Issue 1 : Whisky and Donuts (May 2014)

Issue 2: Vodka and Sand (January 2015)

Issue 3: ABCs and Coffee Beans (May 2015)

Issue 4: Photographs and Falcons (Print April 2016)

Issue 5: Commas and Cocktails (May 2017)

Issue 6: Hard Liquor and Paddling Pools (May 2018)

Issue 7: Sunlight and Cider (May 2019)

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