Issue 6 – Hard Liquor and Paddling Pools (May 2018)

Issue 6, Hard Liquor and Paddling Pools, was printed and released for sale at the University of Bolton on 3rd May, 2018. To get your hands on a physical copy for only £4 (plus P&P), contact Simon Holloway at the University by email —

ISSN 2398-1938 (Print)

Editors’ Note

Well, it’s done now. After months on working on what is both our baby, and our worst nightmare, the sixth issue of The Bolton Review is out of our hands and into yours. It has been, pardon our language, one hell of a process. From hanging posters, to receiving a mountain of incredible submissions, to having to cut some of those pieces. We would like to thank everyone who submitted, as the magazine would not exist without any one of you (but you know that already).

We had a great team working with us this year. A special shout out to Jeni and Shirley-Anne, who helped us stay afloat when it felt like we were drowning. Another special shout out goes to our executive editor, Dr Simon Holloway, who never judged us for bursting into tears when asked “How are you doing?”

All jokes aside, it has been an honour to edit this year’s edition of The Bolton Review. We learned a lot about ourselves, and what it takes to devote yourself to a project of this magnitude. We hope everyone who reads it loves it as much as we do, and that whoever edits the next edition has a great time with it.



A digital copy of Issue 6 will be available to read later in the year.