Issue 2: Vodka and Sand (January 2015)

Issue 2 of the Bolton Review, Vodka and Sand, was released for sale in print on the 5th February 2015. To order a physical copy for £3, contact Simon Holloway at the University of Bolton by email —





Editor – Chris Buchanan
Chris graduated from the University in 2014 with a degree in Creative Writing and English. He now involves himself in Bolton’s live poetry circuit and assisted with the Live From Worktown festivals in 2014 and 2015. He loves children’s books and Ted Hughes, and his favourite bit of a story is always the last page.

Executive editor – Simon Holloway
Programme Leader and Lecturer in Creative Writing at The University of Bolton. His latest novel, The Words We Use are Black and White, was published in autumn 2014.

Cover design – Sarah Danby
Sarah studied design at De Montfort University and has since worked with clients including the BBC and BskyB. She is currently training as a teacher in Manchester.

Editor’s note

I think I was the first student to submit work to the Bolton Review last year. I was definitely the first to show up for the launch event and the first to get at the whisky and donuts.

It sounds trite to talk about Bolton’s wealth of untapped talent, but you’ll see – there are twenty-four good writers here and I had to reject a lot more. Along with current creative writing undergraduates we also have entries from those studying in other departments, a few from those who graduated with me last summer and some more by A Level students at the nearby Bolton Sixth Form College. Hopefully as the Review expands it can look forward to seeing some of up-and-comers again. A few more pieces came from staff members, all accomplished writers in their own right.

For the next issue, a third editorial team will take over. It’s a pleasure to put my name above this collection. I’ll miss the trip through the car park to the Chancellor’s Mall to work on it.

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