Michelle Hughes INT. MEDIA CITY. HIGH CLASS RESTAURANT/DINER. DAY. STACEY sits at a small table next to a window overlooking an empty carpark. She catches a glimpse of her reflection in the glass pane and messes with her hair. A WAITRESS approaches the table expectantly. STACEY Erm… just a coffee. Please. WAITRESS Of course madam, […]

Opposites Attract

Clare McGrath SCENE 3- EXT. SHEA’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Shea is dancing around her bedroom topless. Shea stops in front of her small mirror and holds two shirts, trying to decide which one to wear, stuck between the green checked and the red checked one. A guitar solo begins, and Shea drops the shirts, grabs […]

Langworthy Estate

Michelle Hughes 1.EXT. MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE. LATE FRIDAY EVENING/ SATURDAY MORNING. A blizzard. A 1980’s Nissan drives erratically at breakneck speed through the centre of the city. NICOLA HUNT (twenties), frantic behind the wheel, speeds continually through a series of red traffic lights. Ravers and drunken revellers pour out of pubs and clubs, blurring with […]

The Cheat

Emma Parkinson SCENE ONE – LISA IS IN THE FRONT ROOM LISA (OUT): I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but think the worse. When we first met, he was always on time, full on energy and super organized. But recently he’s often late and always forgets things. The doctor says it’s common with […]

The Madness of Count Cornelius

Michael Miller FADE IN: 1 INT. HOTEL ROOM – NIGHT (19TH CENTURY) 1 Henry Fuseli’s painting ’Ezzelin and Meduna’ hangs on a wall. Ominous music crescendos as the subject of the painting becomes clearer. 2 INT. HOTEL ROOM – NIGHT 2 Scattered candles glow around a dark hotel chamber. A middle aged count, CORNELIUS, awakens. […]

The straight man?

Jennifer Davidson Scene 1 (Two chairs, centre stage. Mannie and Dolce are aged 5. Dolce sits on a chair, pink shawl in her arms, scrunched together, rocking it back and forth. Mannie runs on stage, grabs the pink shawl off her and puts it round his neck like a cape. Dolce runs after him, crying. […]

The 17th Minute

Stuart Beveridge INT. HALLWAY – DAY. A bright, well-kept hallway. On the wall are a several, neatly arranged, framed photographs of JULIE, a well-dressed mother, in her mid twenties and TOM her young son (now aged 7) with his bright orange hair. An elderly gentleman wearing a claret football scarf. One of the gentleman in […]