Five Quid a Can

Katie Wolstencroft One hand reached for the light switch to his left, while the other covered his mouth, mid-yawn. The last of the five remaining light bulbs flickered into life above his head, casting a sickly yellow hue over the bean-stained hob. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands and waited for […]

Unable to Walk

Olivia Turner And so, I am left unable to walk. Miserable and panting on a parkside bench. To my distaste, I’ll hear you laugh in the distance at a passing joke from a passing person. A she, a her, a darling, a love. I, on the other hand shall just sit quiet, my hands furled […]

The Impossible Promise

Emma Booth Two years of marriage, these are my memories. I remember that we moved in in the winter, it was a cold winter, I could smell the promise of snow although none came that year. Newly pregnant, I suppose I should have welcomed a snowless winter, but I mourned the loss of it, I […]

Cold Water

Christopher Westlake As the boat slowly moved further in to the icy depths of the lake, breath condensing in the glacial wind, she took a moment to inspect her cargo. Having ensured it was secure she continued on, the only sound the gentle lapping of the dark water around the oars. It was perfect she […]

Daisy Chain

Rowen Walker I am singing to Rose, as she lies looking up at me from her cot with her big blue eyes. Sam’s eyes. “Look at her, Daisy. I still can’t believe it, we are someone’s mum and dad.” “Let’s count her tiny fingers and toes again.” Later, I’m getting into bed next to Sam’s […]

Red is The Colour

Aidan Matear Grace sat in the back garden, enjoying the soothing feel of the afternoon sun warming her old bones. It had been a while since she had been well enough to get out of the house. Leg ulcers had a way of doing that to you. The washing fluttered in a light breeze. She […]