Sharon Marshall


Sylvia died for somebody’s stings…But not mine…
Hoarding secrets of the hive
Geometrical genii
Mathematical metonymy
My stings my own… they belong to me, me

Sex, drugs
Lip service
Honey dealers
Sugar stealers
The box prised open
Sticky Alchemy
F**k the Clock
Pandora watching…curiosity

Lovers like this
Bower of bliss
Broken glass blisters
My stings my own…they belong to me

Through splintered segments
Of Galileo’s glass
Plinth Plath poems plagiarised pulped
Hexagons on heat
Slither in serpentine semantics
Slipping between meaning
Such sweet syrup
Suck it up
Taste of honey in me

Barthes and Bakhtin sittin’ in a tree
Utter dialogic K I S S E S/Zee
A hetroglossic shine
Just words to me

Authors don’t die; they meet again
“In the hour when they were most themselves”
Cusick’s immortal words call back du jour
Iambic imitations indelibly inked
As cool fingers coil around tattooed thorns
Lunatics Lovers Poets…merge as one

Sylvia died for somebody’s stings…But not mine…
My stings my own
They belong to me, me.


*Sylvia Plath


About the poet:

Scouse Debbie Harry and Liverpool Fc fan. Studying on MA Children’s Literature (1st year).
Hoping to go on and study for a Phd “Shakespeare and Picture-books” at Uni of Bolton in 2015
Want to sky-dive into Anfield reading the poetry of Charles Bukowski!

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