Phil Isherwood

Sun Muse

Satellite dish

side salad pun

there is no shade

without the sun


Swifts dip-drink

chill-ripple frieze

voices carry

unspoken breeze

Window opportunity

doorway closed

net-curtain nosey

cat-prowl pose


Feeding on words

sun bed slouch

paunch of a poem

analytical couch



Bullet, image, source, a target.

A view. A glance, full face, sideways.

What I meant to say.


Hint, allusion, identify a trope

Caught between the cross-hairs.

What I meant to say.


Rant, rant, rat-at-tat to scatter

Witterings. Collateral rage.

What I meant to say.


Lying dead and dying, out of a

Direct view, innocence pays.

What I meant to say.


Ricochet, word in a war. A memory

Kissed, now bleeding out, betrays

What I meant to say.



Just then, when you said you were going,

you showed me the smile of your poem.

Is the make-up of metaphor more

so the poem can step through the door?


Hold it up, right in front of the mirror

(keep it taught or the image will quiver)

is it smart, is it suitably sleek,

need a MAC, or a Rimmel, critique?


You might do your paradox harm

if you skimp on the Foundation Balm,

to be dressed, but looking quite nude

try the Fresh and Frisky, with mood.


Now think of the taste, sweet or tart

(but do avoid cheap Sugared Heart),

do lips have a shape round the voice?

Then strut, wearing Diva-Day Choice.


Going classy or cultured is tricky –

Select Plum’s really quite iffy –

Editorial Red’s worth a shout

if you’re certain your thesis won’t pout.


Longwear Lipcream’s for the epics,

Pink Preference will always draw blanks,

when confusion is wise, and stumbling with rhyme,

wear Commotion with Cherry Top Shine.

About the poet:

Phil Isherwood is the Bolton Hospice Poet and currently a PhD research student at the University of Bolton (Cultural and Creative Studies Dept.). His poems have appeared in Stand Magazine, Blithe Spirit, Textyle, The Ugly Tree, and in various other books and magazines and on local radio. His MA final year poetry dissertation was entitled ‘Fractured States’. Phil lives in Lancashire, with his wife Barbara, and also helps to lead the Sports Village Church in Leigh (a C of E ‘fresh expressions’ church)

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