Kada Lawrence Ngbale

The Sojourn

He sits a dreary loner

With thoughts far out stretched

And memories loosened


Not the drip of water nor the chirping birds

Could erase the silence

No brolly has he, the rains persist

That walk he must take.


Miles apart, yet engraved in his heart

He sees daily but none so ravishing

His longings are deep, his quest defined

Desirous of more, he trudges on…


To the hopeful the day awaits

In ravishing radiance and ululations

With drumbeats, subtle harps

And days gone by, rather so, bemused in silence.


Today is, because yesterday was

Of a birth and growth

Through joys and sorrows

Enduring paths, evergreen to him

For with a journey, comes an arrival.

About the poet:

My name is Kada Lawrence Ngbale a post graduate student with the Bolton Business School studying for an MSc in International Management. I am a researcher and an aspiring writer with interests in developmental studies which I intend to pursue as a doctoral student. I hope to, after working with an international organisation, establish a cultural centre and museum in Numan, a town sitting on a promontory by the River Benue in Nigeria.

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