Gregory Heppolette

Annaliese finds a Mammoth

16th May 2005

It’s a mammoth. Ready just in time for his birthday.

11th May 2005

I’m nearly finished and it’s finally taking shape. After all this time how could I not know what it was going to be, Jamie is going to love it when he sees it. I think I’m going to work on it non-stop until I’m done.

8th May 2005

I still can’t figure it out; I just keep hacking at it and taking chunks out. I’ve got this bit that sort of looks like it could be a snake but I don’t think he would like that. I know that I want it to be an animal so at least that’s something. Maybe it could be a tail.

5th May 2005

James came by the workshop this morning to check why I didn’t come to bed and found me asleep at my desk. I had to throw a sheet over the sculpture before he could see it. He kept badgering me about it, I lost my rag a little and he took it as his cue to drop it. He says I need to get more rest and he’s probably right but I’ll sleep when I’m done. He also felt the need to remind me he loves me.

4th May 2005

I’ve spent most of the day just drawing up plans for what I want to do. None of the ideas seem good enough. I’m definitely thinking I want it to be a creature, maybe mythical or just wild like a lion. He’s into that sort of thing. He knows not to bother me when I’m in the workshop so I should be able to hide it from him. I’ve got to have it finished by the 17th.

1st May2005

My counsellor says it would be a good idea to start writing in my journal again. She says if I can’t share my feelings with James then I have to be honest with myself. The block of wood I ordered arrived today. I want to get started but at the minute I can only see his face in the grains.

5th April 2005

It read ‘Jamie Hampton, Beloved Son of Annaliese and James.’

1st April 2005

The bugger scared the life out of me this morning, he pretended to be dead as an April Fools joke. It was in poor taste but I’m not going to stop my baby from smiling. I’m going to remember that smile forever. We spent the entire day with him; all the family came to see him. His uncle Michael came up from London, and him and James told Jamie stories of when they were little, and all the trouble they used to get up to. His granddads laughed together as they talked about mundane things that were inherently not funny. Both our mums nattered away in the corner reminiscing about when Jamie was just a toddler, they were crying a little but they held it back mostly. I think I was happy in that moment. Properly happy, a feeling I haven’t felt in months. As the day wore on,everyone started to leave. They all said their goodbyes, Michael left last and told Jamie he would see him tomorrow. Looking at my little boy, it was impossible to see with all these machines he was hooked up to that he was turning seven next month, I think I’ll make him something for it. Me and James stayed by his bed.Before he fell asleep Jamie wanted us to read him his favourite book. James asked him which one it was out of the collection we had brought a few days earlier. He said it was the one about the mammoth.

About the author:

Gregory A. Heppolette is a Creative Writing student in his third year.

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