Opposites Attract

Clare McGrath


Shea is dancing around her bedroom topless. Shea stops in front of her small mirror and holds two shirts, trying to decide which one to wear, stuck between the green checked and the red checked one. A guitar solo begins, and Shea drops the shirts, grabs her remote and turns the speaker up to full volume. Shea jumps onto her small bed and begins to rock out.
A soft knock on her door manages to cut through her music and catches Shea off guard. Shea ignores the knock and continues to bounce happily in time with the music. Another, more forceful knock breaks through, followed by several short bursts of knocks. Annoyed, Shea falls onto her bed dramatically, before grabbing a nearby t-shirt and dragging herself to the door.

Hold yer horses, I’m comin’.

Shea opens the door to find Anna St. Westered, Shea new neighbour for the year and complete opposite, Anna is holding a homemade welcome basket filled with tea bags, biscuits and a few gossip magazines.

Howdy neighbour. I heard the music… well, quite a lot of it actually… and I thought I’d come over and say hey.
So, hey. I’m Anna, and you are?

Shea, nice to meet you, I guess.

Anna hands the homemade basket over to Shea. Shea eyes up the basket, before resting it on her hip.

Is that a hint of Irish I detect?

I’d like to hope that it was more than just a hint.

I love the Irish, they’re all just so cute. Like little leper-

If you even think about comparing me to a leprechaun, I can’t predict what will happen exactly, but I can confirm that it won’t be pretty.

Oh, no. I wasn’t going to say leprechaun, I was saying leopard.

Anna and Shea stand in an awkward silence for a few moments, both avoiding any eye contact with each other.

Leopards are pretty cool.

Shea cautiously moves back into the room.

Right… well, thanks for this.

Shea tries to close the door, but it is blocked harshly by Anna’s foot.

Wait…me again.

Anna waves awkwardly, as Shea shoots her a look of pure annoyance.

About the music, I’m not a killjoy or anything. But if you insist on blasting it around the apartment…

Anna produces a small piece of paper with a list of around twenty musicals on it.

I do have a few requests. I’m a drama student, if you couldn’t tell.

(Fake smiling)
I’ll see what I can do Annie.

It’s Ann-

Shea slams the door in her face before she has a chance to finish her sentence. She places the basket on her cluttered desk, while examining the long list of musicals she has never heard of before.

Singing in the rain? Huh, didn’t realise Ireland had their own musical.

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