Suckin’ Diesel

Aidan Matear

What the hell are we doin’ here
slowly sipping soapy beer?
It bloody isn’t rock and roll
We want to leave this bloody hole.

They bloody banned our legal highs
They think themselves more bloody wise
than us, the users, hopin’ to escape
the strains of life we bloody hate.

The bloody world has gone to hell,
with prospects bloody shite as well.
How else are we to bloody cope
if they confiscate our bloody dope?

There’s uppers, downers, bloody e’s,
but nothin’ givin’ us relief
from bloody angst and bloody pain.
Fek off, you’re all the bloody same.

And then there’s bloody heroin,
or crystal meth or ketamine.
It’s like a bloody shoppin’ list
if you’re ever bored of gettin’ pissed.

But we should be more positive,
of the bloody life we get to live.
We need to do our bloody best,
or we’ll be suckin’ diesel next!

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