No more than Feelings

Fiona Nuttall

The love rush comes; unasked for, but not unwanted.
Heart swells with palpitations, chest refuses to be ignored.
Gazing eyes track the desired, throat choked.

Brain intervenes with psychological analysis,
Rationality refuses to engage.
“Stop before you get hurt.
It won’t work.
You’ll lose what you have.”

Compromise sets its own parameters,
Allows distanced connection; the misery of mere friendship,
Checking the wanting, limiting approaching.

Think what you like, but say nothing,
Attend with muscular rigidity for return of attention,
Feel a connection that may not be touched,
Waiting for steamy, shiny warmth,
Hide instead, give away nothing.

Low risk, zero outcome.
Better to have loved and stayed silent,
Contact in the inertia.
This love is going nowhere.

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