Frankenstein’s Monster

Garry Coulthard

He wakes without thought,
stitchling of cultures, made whole.
Begs death, take him home.

He does not belong.
A stranger in a strange land,
he cannot go home.

New masters show no
compassion to him.
His skin makes them fear.

Family is scattered,
one of a kind means lonely,
cannot find his wife.

Do masters bidding,
earn his own keep, contribute
to society.

Work, sleep, work, sleep, work,
existing in a bubble,
hated for his smell.

Hated for his food,
hated for being here now.
Hated for living.

Attacked in an alley.
Defended himself with force,
blood won’t wash away.

Locked away from harm
in a more dangerous place,
options limited to one.

Become the monster.
Ride the coming lightning,
serve no master ever.

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