Gemma Burnell

Shoved out through the gate.
‘Go battle the beast’
No armour, no weapons?
This can’t be right?
You must stand and fight!
Get through one more day.
Get through one more night.

The change in the crowd
From cheers to leers,
Leaves you confused.
Do they wish you to win?
Do they want you to lose?
You look out at the mob,
But the tears fog the view.

You strike but you miss
And you almost lose faith.
Angry noise in your ears
Until you hear your name.
A voice in the crowd,
Tells you to be brave.
And that’s all it takes.

The monster is down
Gasps, silence…
Then cheers all around.
You drop to your knees,
A sense of relief.
But it won’t be the last time
You battle the beast.

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