Holly Gray

She delicately tied the yellow ribbon around the girl’s cascading locks, taking extra care not to hurt her. Her slender fingers made a loose bow around the pony tail and let it fall in with the girl’s blonde curls. She remembered a time when that same ribbon would be meticulously placed on her own daughter’s hair. She wondered for a moment if the tradition may be carried on to the next generation or if it would end with her. She placed a couple of curby grips in the young girl’s hair, keeping it in place if only for a few minutes. She remembered a time when her mother would tie the same ribbon around her own hair, taming her unruly brunette curls.
She placed her palm on top on the girl’s head and planted a kiss on her forehead.
‘I love you granny’ She beamed and wrapped her tiny arms around her neck.
‘I love you sweetheart’ she smiled as they embraced, picking her up and holding her on her hip.

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