Meet the Editors

The editors of the 2018 edition of The Bolton Review are Jordan Roberts and Lene Nyland, who are both third-year Creative Writing students at the University of Bolton.

Jordan Roberts

Jordan moved from Reading to Bolton to study Creative Writing. He states that he ‘can’t remember a time when he didn’t write stories’. From writing stories about family walks with the dog at the age of ten, he is now planning novels and publishing poetry. He spent three years studying graphic design, and still makes posters for people’s fanfictions.

Lene Nyland

Lene is originally from a small town in Norway. She developed a keen interest in Creative writing at the age of eleven, when she was assigned a piece of homework that required her to rewrite a classic fairy tale. And after growing up on American cartoons, as well as Norwegian ones, Lene decided that she wanted to focus on writing in English. At the age of eighteen, she decided to move to England to pursue a degree in Creative writing. She also decided to go by Leia instead of Lene, just to make it easier for people to pronounce her name.

Jordan and Lene are both delighted to be editing Issue 6 of The Bolton Review and are currently busy working their way through submissions.

The submission window is open until 23rd March 2018.

You can find more information about what and how to submit here:

We Want Your Work

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