What Are You Doing?

“What are you doing?”
Making our tea.
And something nice for afters,
just for you and me.

“What are you doing?”
Cutting up the meat.
If I make the pieces smaller,
it’ll be easier for you to eat.

“What are you doing?”
Just some washing up.
Almost done now,
are you finished with that cup?

“What are you doing?”
Looking for clean PJs.
Come help me find a pair;
I think those are yesterday’s.

“What are you doing?”
Getting your toothbrush,
time to clean your teeth now;
slow down; there’s no need to rush.

“What are you doing?”
Turning down your bed,
it’s late and you’re tired;
time to rest your head.

“What are you doing?”
Switching on the night light;
I know how you hate it when it gets too dark.
Goodnight, sleep tight.
I love you, Granddad.

Lewis Foster

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