but not that kind though–the kind
where we roll dice. Not to climb
ladders like doing benevolent actions
for any religious belief, but to try

our luck. There’s no money at stake.
We won’t go to hell or on the dole
just to fuel our entertainment. We’ll travel
to spring and rural Czechoslovakia
while staying in a Bolton council home,
around that table that seats only half
our number, in a room that mainly
sits no one of importance.
Zombies and werewolves can stop by
for tea. If we’re lucky, Darth Vader, Bloody
Mary, and maybe the Easter Bunny will join
us, and bring along some feel-good booze.
That, or we’ll go on a stereotypical
adventure, like those e-books
on Amazon that cost less than an hour’s
wage, and feel robbed of our lives.
No matter what, I’ve got a thousand dice
so there’s no need to argue like dwarves.

Adam Foley

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