Home is Where My Head Rests

Sometimes my head rests but does not sleep.
Sometimes it sleeps, but it is not resting; eyes open but not responding.
A hundred and more thoughts trundle through the walkway that links my head to my heart,
casting doubts and fears of a future that may or may not be,
throwing out excitement and hopes of a future that may or may not be.
As I lie in my bed, resting my head, I wonder why…
Surrounded by costly objects and distractions, the TV can’t help me now.
Now that it is turned off, even when it is on; I do not watch the news. I can’t see those who have no bed, no home and no hope, but I know they are there.

They pop up on my news feed sometimes, and I wonder how they live,
if their heads rest without sleep or sleep without rest.
I wonder if they want all the costly things we have or just a roof above their heads and warmth…
Do they thank God they are alive, or do they wonder why?

Sally Holland

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