Anxiety is a Bitch – Monologue



Do you ever get that strange feeling that someone’s watching you? Wherever you turn, you feel that prickly sensation as though someone’s eyes are burning right through your soul. So, you turn…no one’s there. You turn back around, act normal…carry on your day.

Do you ever walk into a room and feel as though everyone has been talking about you? They all go quiet as you enter the room and you feel so…lonely! A room full of people and yet you feel isolated. Or you walk down a corridor and people are laughing. Why are you laughing? Go on! I could do with a good laugh! They stand and look at you as though you just pissed in their cornflakes. They think you’re nuts! Everyone does! You do too…don’t you? But you can’t tell me that because I will get offended and I won’t come back here to tell you all my juicy secrets…and you won’t get paid. Don’t worry I understand…no really…I do!

I never used to be like this. I used to be able to leave the house without spending hours making my hair look half-decent or painting my face to hide behind the mask we call makeup. I didn’t have to triple check that I had remembered to wear clothes today, I didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought of me! What changed? Why do I now feel so anxious about what people might say? Why should I let it ruin my life? But I do…and I’m not the only one…am I?

Anxiety is a bitch!


Colette Wiseman

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