Black Lives Matter

Just because I’m African, doesn’t mean slavery defines me.
Just because I’m black, doesn’t mean violence is within me.
Just because I’m different, doesn’t mean you can judge me.
What ever happened to racial equality?
Integration not segregation.
But everywhere I turn I see racism and discrimination.
My skin colour does not make me inferior.
Since when did I have to tick boxes like it’s some kind of criteria?
Since when did I have to fit this match?
Since when was is okay to be white, but not okay to be black?
We are blinded by this blindfold named society.
Who tells us that different is wrong, teaches us to discriminate against variety.
Of races, religion, even gender.
Have you noticed it’s mostly black boys who are labelled as the offender?

Why is it black people are automatically associated with violence and crime?
Not every black person you meet has and will do time.
Some of you claim that racial equality is your passion.
But that clearly isn’t the case when you’re murdering our black brethren like it’s going out of fashion.
Of course it’s murder what else would it be?
It’s murder driven by racism, obviously.
Because although they raise their hands in defeat, you still pull the trigger.
All because you saw them as nothing less than a ‘nigger’.
Then you say, ‘Your riots do nothing but disturb.’
Well riots are the language of the discriminated and the unheard.

Dorothy Katamba

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