GOSHE, a young woman, stands dressed in smart clothes.

Let me speak.

I have seen starvation eat a man out. I have seen dehydration dry out humanity. And I have seen the heat waves burn alive a thousand lives. I have witnessed the things I loved perish before my eyes. You tell me to go back to where I came from. You want me to be deprived of every single great opportunity.

Keep me in shackles is what you’re trying to do. You tell me to go back home, so tell me where is home because my home, the place where I once played happily, has burned down to the ground. It’s now a barren land, where the water doesn’t flow and the trees don’t grow. All there is are waves of lost hope burning away a place called home.

So you tell me to go home. To go back to the battlefield, having to fight for my life. You tell me immigrants come here to take your jobs. Well, life is survival of the fittest and I believe if you’ve known hardship, you know that there is always a harder battle to fight, so that’s why I’m here to take your job.

Do you blame me for wanting a better life?

Do you blame me for wanting to claim back what was always truly mine? Back when one race could only dominate and left behind a hunger for vengeance. You tell me I don’t belong. But I’m here to tell you.

I’m staying.

A GUARD comes and handcuffs her and she is dragged out.

Aminata Sow

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