Sea of Trees

Amber explosions flooded the sky,
and evening was drawing near.
I was anxious to enter the forest
after reading the suicidal horrors,
the crunch of crisp mud clenched
to my boots and the
natural scent surrounded me.
A distant owl echoed an alarming warning,
was it too late to back out?
Shaking, I stepped forward. The
overpowering, dark shadows, standing tall.

The warm sun was disappearing
into the paranormal evening,
I couldn’t turn back now and
climbed over the barrier.
Overgrown shrubs scratched and seized
me as I wandered off trail.
The smell of tomorrow seemed
like a lifetime away. Whispers
resonated around my head.
My helpless life was disappearing
into the dark shadows, standing tall.

Darkness had flooded my vision.
Trapped. It was time to leave.
I could smell death.
Whispers turned to voices,
voices had become screams.
‘Join us. Join us.’
The sea of trees swayed with the
wind that travelled with haunting tales.
Distracted. Loud shrieks. ‘Join us.’
My hands had stopped shaking
as I fixed the knotted rope.
I was sucked into the depths of
Aokigahara. Dark shadows, standing tall.

Jodie Boast

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