Team Work

Meet the team who are supporting our 2017 Editors.

Cara Bradbury is a first-year English student who was born in Greater Manchester. She has spent the past few years working with horses and has travelled extensively throughout the UK. Her travels have led to some very interesting debates around the subject of chip muffins and chip barms!

Cara Bradbury
Cara Bradbury

Cara has always had a love of literature and horses, though thankfully she has never attempted to read while riding. She is enjoying working with The Bolton Review team and hopes to work in publishing following her graduation.

Warren Jones is a second-year Creative Writing student with a passion for poetry. He lists John Cooper Clark amongst the many poets who have influenced him. Throughout his poetry he likes to explore issues of class and injustice.

Warren Jones

Warren is a dedicated family man and a life-long supporter of Burnley Football Club. His love of football extends to coaching, and at weekends he dedicates his spare time to coach an under-7s football team. A hobby which has the added benefit of helping to keep him young and active.

Rumour has it that Warren also has a talent for designing women’s shoes – Jimmy Choo had better watch out!

‘Northern Word Flirt’, Shirley-Anne Kennedy, is a second-year Creative Writing student with a passion for web fiction and digital publishing.  As the team member responsible for Public Relations and Social Media, she has enjoyed giving The Bolton Review website a new look, and engaging with our followers on social media.

Shirley Anne Kennedy

Books have always been a part of Shirley-Anne’s life and her love of writing was initially triggered after her primary school teacher introduced her to Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen.  Ever since she can remember, genealogy and local history have been a fascination, and her excursions into the events of the past have resulted in inspiration for many of her stories.

Shirley-Anne is also a member of the HEFCE Student-Led Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching research team at the University of Bolton.

Jeni Mills is a Salford girl who, as a youngster, was likened to Roald Dahl’s Matilda on more than one occasion. Because she always had her head in a book, not because she could move things with her mind. More’s the pity.

A part-time student entering into her final year of a joint degree in English and Creative Writing, this issue marks her second stint as a member of the Bolton Review’s editorial team. She is fascinated with the nuances of grammar and when she grows up she hopes to lead a double life: copy editor by day, poet by night.


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