Meet the Editors

The editors of the 2017 edition of The Bolton Review are Holly Gray and Madison Hope-Tatnell, who are both third-year Creative Writing students at the University of Bolton.

Holly Gray

Holly is originally from Leicester and has had a keen interest in Creative Writing from the age of nine. She was home educated up until she was sixteen and was encouraged by her parents (who are both writers) to read and write as much as she wanted to.

It was not until Holly went to college that she discovered her love for English Literature and Creative Writing. It was also at college where she was given the endearing nick-name, ‘Legend’.

Madison Hope-Tatnell

Madison is a Welsh girl who migrated from the small town of Chepstow to the English town of Bolton.

Her love of writing grew at the age of eleven after her best friend accidently punched her on the nose. She spent that whole night thinking about what if she had punched her friend. This naturally resulted in a protagonist pushing her friend down the stairs and killing her. “Because of course that happens,” Madison said. During the upcoming years, her characters would be involved in many different scenarios such as apocalypses, romance or getting into trouble at school.

After A-levels and experiencing a gap year, Madison decided to pursue an education in Creative Writing where she constantly asks herself, “how the heck did I get here?”

Holly and Madison are both delighted to be editing Issue 5 of The Bolton Review and are currently busy working their way through submissions.

The submission window is open until 20th March 2017.

You can find more information about what and how to submit here:
We Want Your Work

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