Swept Away

She came along quietly in the ragging storm,
not an ounce of whisper nor a thundering clap marked her arrival.
Love is indeed strange to us,
we seek and can’t explain when it knocks.
Swept are we in delirium never without a smile,
everyday a sunny reminder of the beauty and bountiful joy
of being, sharing and caring
sweetened the dream.
All else a mirage we wish we never saw,
the world could pass away for all we care.
All we wish is to waltz away dancing to the stars,
our gaze firmly on that day.
We shall as one, share all that makes a happy face,
Dancing on the sands of time,
Hearts aglow and blooming.
Not each to its own, two in tandem.
A choice made, a gift embedded.
All else were a mirage,
As would high tide she swept me away!


Kada Lawrence Ngbale
MSc International Management

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