Social Networking

You did not hear me so I spoke of
temporary topics but you tastelessly ignore
me the satin cushion that holds a diamond.
You arise your head from prayer with shock
with the suspicion of a Rottweiler sighting a stranger
when your phone loses signal. The rupture
in the data stream leaves you desiring more –

Your eyes are desperate like an abattoir chicken’s.
The data’s wasted on me but is a treasure for you.

You see it as the pinnacle of an orgasm
when it’s just useless smut,
a glutton for worries and misogynists alike,
the residue of humans that’s as healthy
as the fat from a Friday kebab… or a stab in the gut.
You look at me like I’m a biased judge, a hypocrite of injustice
as I show the emotions you’re neglecting to showcase –

the relaxation of life I believed in is no more.
For your compassion towards social media,
the circle of which we could never fit into
meant more to you than my tones.

Adam Foley

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