A’s, B’s and C’s

The door opened upon a haze of blue
I sat but only for a moment.
The walls fell in on me
showering me with A’s, B’s and C’s,
they hit me hard about my head
with no heed for my cries of pain.

My pen rose up from the desk
planting itself firmly into my hand.
In that same moment my book
flicked open, revealing
a white, crisp, blank space.

I was possessed by them,
these innovators of my mind.
Words pursued me
all through the night.
From every corner,
from above, from below.

As day light threw its shadow
over my room.
I laid down my pen,
pushed aside the book,
sent the A, B, C’s back into the wall,
looked down at the page,
and read a masterpiece.

Sandra Barlow
First Year Creative Writing Student, University of Bolton

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