The Day I Would Change – Henry Tandey

Riot, rubble, ruins.
There I stand as my whole work blackens.
Darkness, disaster, death.
The cold, bitter truth, heavily on my breath
I shouldn’t have let him go.
As pitiful as it may sound, I did not know.
But how was I to realise? It stabs me like a knife!
Back then, I saw just another helpless life.
He was just a man, a solider like me. Alone.
No one would have guessed or known.
One life I chose to spare,
results in sixty million deaths elsewhere.
Why is this world so very unfair?
Limping, wounded, he appeared through the smoke and wire,
I stood my ground, I held my fire.
He nodded his thanks and went on his way,
an action I would have dismissed, here today.
It was the war I wanted to kill,
no man against his own will.
However, I do not feel this, here in the present.
I want to hunt him and kill him, like a fox with a pheasant.
The twenty-eighth of September, I’ll always remember.
A single bullet, I did not take, turned out to be my most feared mistake.
I could have prevented this harrowing war, I don’t want nothing more
I know him now, I revolt his name.
The world he has subverted, for myself, I blame.
I bawl to God: ‘His life for millions lost, is my exchange.’
The day I chose not to kill, Hitler.
That would be the day I would change.


Georgia Louise Rigby
A Level Creative Writing student at Bolton Sixth Form College
Georgia started writing at a young age. As she got older and went through personal issues and experiences, writing became a way of expressing her feelings. She has always felt that writing is a great form of art and would like to continue with it in the future, to publish a novel and become a journalist.

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