Purple Moons


On a far away world, ’neath two bright purple moons
A mighty stone citadel, on a sea of sand dunes
Prepared for invasion as citadels do
By shutting the door, and locking it too!

Across green sandy desert, the army had come
To conquer the fortress, which no-one had done
For near three thousand years since the last epic war
When soldiers snook in through the unlocked back door.

After building this castle, it has to be noted,
The stone-masons sat back quite smugly and gloated.
‘We have built an impenetrable structure!’ they claimed.
Two days later these masons were butchered and maimed.

Yet let us not dwell on the dark lines above
As our story is one of heroics and love.
The invaders were axe wielding alien brutes
But no match for our heroes in thick leather boots.

You see, sand on this planet was toxic to touch.
Not a problem for people in boots far too much
But for alien hordes who march round in bare feet
This planet would smell much like barbecued meat.

As the evil invaders started to crash
At the walls of the castle our heroine, Tash
Called out to her squire for her sword as she mounted
Her five legged steed – no I haven’t miscounted –

With her blade in one hand, and her shield in the other
She bid sad farewell to her father and mother.
She then rallied her troops to the cause with the cry
‘Today we must fight, or we’ll all surely die.’

‘I promise you this,’ she enthused to her men,
‘This castle will never be taken again.
As long as I live our just cause will prevail
As sure as my steed has five legs and two tails.’

At once the great doors to the stone fortress parted.
The citadel’s valiant infantry darted
Out onto the desert to battle their foes
Who by this time were missing almost all of their toes.

All through the day the fierce battle raged on
’til the aliens melted, the battle was won.
Tash gathered her men and marched home ’cross the dunes
’neath the dusky cool glow of the twin purple moons.

Michael Dalby
BA (Hons) Media, Writing and Production

Michael Dalby is in his first year studying at the University of Bolton and would like to work as a professional writer. However he has now developed a keen interest in camera work / directing and editing. He regards his choice to come to the University as one of the best decisions he has ever made due to the wonderful, inspiring students he’s come to know, and the industry specialists on his course. Genres he particularly likes include drama, comedy, science fiction, and horror.

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