She is a storm. A flurry of snow, wind and lightning
pounding an innocent landscape buried
in cover-ups, panic and soft eyes
that could kill with a stare.

She is vanilla ice cream, spiked
with blades. A sweet treat
to satiate the summer and kill
in time for winter.

She is a glass shoe. Alone
in the world. Her fabric discarded
by hateful love, her heel scuffled once
and bit back vengefully.

She is Antarctica. Desolate,
beautiful. Yet dropping your guard
for even a second, would have you counting
your last breaths.


Alice Foley
BA (Hons) Creative Writing
Alice’s interests are in creating fiction and art for the fantasy genre, though she does have an interest in free-verse poetry. Her inspirations come from Greek, Japanese and Chinese mythology. Out of writing, she likes to gaze at wildlife and play videogames.

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