Hyacinths, Sherry and Clogs

It began with a conversation on clogs,
the clip-clap sound on flags and
growing up. How I love to dance.

A lifelong love of growing things,
gardens and allotments. Time to
plan for the spring to come again.

Bags of Hyacinths, Muscari and
mixtures of Narcissi. Unpredictable
colours placed in compost pots,

planting in layers with a poem
in between each one. Resting
your eyes helps you to remember.

Goodbye is with a kiss, a taste of port
instead of sherry. Small mistakes are
useful in the art of designing sequences.

Phil Isherwood
Phil Isherwood is a PhD research student at the University of Bolton (Creative, Media and Cultural Studies), studying poetry and the numinous. He works as a volunteer poet at Bolton Hospice, Creative Therapies, and his poetry is inspired by conversations with patients and the art-work they produce. Phil is also on the leadership team of Sports Village Church in Leigh (where he lives) and he got into writing poetry as part of a prayer ministry 20 years ago. His first degree was in Ergonomics at Loughborough.

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