Don’t close your eyes

I see you in the kitchen,
armed and legged, climbing cupboards,
starring in SpongeBob pyjamas,
face smeared with chocolate, fingers too.

I see you in the front room,
resting your head on Mum’s knee,
knowing all the words to Harry Potter,
you loved it since you were small.

I see you in the car,
miming the words to Paulo Nutini,
calling me names, saying you hate him,
but still humming along.

I see you in the garden,
bouncing, somersaulting on the trampoline,
covered head to toe in Paul’s Boutique,
laughing, playing-free.

I see you in your room,
lining your lips, testing out make-up,
getting into fashion, flashing your pierced navel,
you and Katie joined at the hip.

Now I don’t see you,
just your ghost playing tricks.
Just a passing face in the mirror,
a laugh in the crowd.


Francesca Kerfoot
BA (Hons) Creative Writing

Francesca likes to write ‘mess’ and convert the free writing into a poem/prose. She is inspired by music, and her poems tend to have song titles. ‘Don’t close your eyes’ is a kind of letter to the poet’s sister, about the memories she has and how she feels about her not being here anymore. This poem is named after the country song by Keith Whitley.

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