But Ten Years Ago

But ten years ago,
The sun did glow,
The grass did grow,
The moon did not show,
For we did not know.

When the leaves did fall,
The sun was all
But a figure in
The receding sky,
For even though I
The last you saw cry,
Heard the last bird song
The trees so long,
Crippling in the cold,
For you nor we so old
To never be told,
Winter was not far away.

Now you and I
In winter’s eye
Visit the meadow again,
In furry clothes,
The leaves did blow
Covering the grass
Autumns passed, alas!

And there did you go
When the sun did not glow,
The grass did not grow,
The moon did glow,
And we did not know,
But that was nine years ago.


Hayley L. Taylor
Hayley studies AS level Creative Writing at Bolton Sixth Form Colege. She has been through a lot in her short lifetime, and this poem is written in memory of her mum. She is interested in poems and prose fiction, animals, music and charity work. She aims to publish her own anthology to raise money for the Manchester Children’s Hospital and Bolton Hospice, whose amazing work has helped her and her family a great deal.

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