Silent Clouds

The clouds cross the Earth
In a silent whisper.
Even the devil himself
Cannot overpower them,
For they are under the command
Of a great ruler.

The king of all that lives and roams the earth,
Watches them expand as each day flows by
In a current of mortality.

The clouds are silent in the deep abysmal
From which dreams uncurl.

Predatory scarlet swiftly paces around them
And they accept their fated blush.

The living are astounded.
They seek bliss in the sunset
For the daylight is captured in its net
And the darkness is free to prowl the cities.

Darkness arrives- a loyal friend,
No longer do they need to strain their minds
Against the blatant sights that face their eyes.
Peace in the creatures of the night,
Creations of imagination.
A safe haven
From the daylight
That troubles their minds.

Rumaisa Wadiwala
BA (Hons) English

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